Woan chin × John|カップルフォト|出張撮影サービスのLovegraph[ラブグラフ]

Woan chin × John


Woan chin × John | カップルフォト Woan chin × John | カップルフォト Woan chin × John | カップルフォト


How long have you been dating?

We have been dating for exactly 1 year and a half.

Woan chin × John | カップルフォト Woan chin × John | カップルフォト


How were pictures taken by me?Overall, are you satisfied?

The pictures taken by Alan are fantastic, they are all so beautiful, and they perfectly show how happy we are together and how much we enjoy each other's company. We are really satisfied and amazed with how the pictures turned out.

Woan chin × John | カップルフォト Woan chin × John | カップルフォト Woan chin × John | カップルフォト


Do you have got any troubles in a long-distance relationship ?Does your relationship have any major foundational problems?

We haven't had a long-distance relationship, we both cherish each other's company a lot, and love to be around each other.
However, since we spend so much time together, it is easier to have conflicts and frictions. We are from different values. Through this relationship, I realized things that we took for granted on this side of the world can turn out to be completely different on the other side of the world. Things I didn't think would become culture shocks can surprisingly be culture shocks.
Yet,with the strong love we have for each other, we never give up, we keep communicating, and believe that as long as we have our hands in each other's, we can overcome any challenges. We are both really looking for forward to our bright future and move wonderful times ahead.

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